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Moving towards 2020: A Tentative Approach to ITEM

Information Technology and Managing Quality Education
  • Autor(es)
    J. Osorio | J. Bulchand
  • Editorial
    Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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    Information Technology and Managing Quality Education
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A decade into the 21st Century, it seems that Humanity has given itself time to ensure that the rest of the century will pass by according to the universally accepted principles of equal opportunities and sustainable economic development. Year 2020 appears as a symbolic moment to attain this desired maturity, though it is, nevertheless, a complex goal to reach. Education is an essential area in any action that intends to accomplish this model of society, an instrument without which all efforts will be in vain. The outline of this paper is to try to glimpse which will probably be the determining factors of the worldwide economic situation and, therefore, what kind of professionals society will be demanding. The reply to this demand will structure future teaching and learning, and a series of needs will subsequently arise in Educational Management. Finally, according to this scenario we will propose improvements in Educational Management supported by Information Technology.