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Numerical Simulation and Natural Computing applied to a Real World Traffic Optimization Case under Stress Conditions: "La Almozara" District in Sarago

  • Autor(es)
    M. Galán | J. Sánchez | L. Álvarez | E. Rubio
  • Tipo de artículo
  • Revista
    Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences (CMES)
  • Volumen
    50, Nº 3
  • Páginas
  • ISSN
  • Editorial
    Tech Science Press
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Urban traffic is a key factor for the development of a city. There exist many different approaches facing traffic optimization. In our case we have focused on traffic lights optimization. We have designed and tested a new architecture to optimize traffic light cycle times. The purpose of this research is to demonstrate the good performance of our architecture in a congested scenario. We have simulated several congestion situations for a very large real world traffic network - "La Almozara" in Zaragoza, Spain. Our results seem encouraging in this extreme situation. As we increase the load in the network we get a the better traffic behavior of our architecture. Finally, new research directions are presented.